Monday, January 31, 2011

Second Stamp-A-Stack

So I've got my second stamp a stack coming up! We had so much fun with the first one that I decided to get my second one going right away!

This one is going to happen on February 19th and I took some feedback from everyone! We will be doing 18 cards in total! There will be 6 designs with 3 cards being made for each! This way they can still have fun creating from the designs!

I've been slow to get to the punch with the designs, but I do have 2 done! 4 more to go ... LOL ... this time I'm not setting any specific types, I'm going to let them go a bit nuts and decide to have birthday or thank you or what ever! This way, they have a little more creative control and I'm showing them that they are creative, even if they think that they aren't!

I'm so glad that I decided to do this! I'm having fun while they are having fun! I'm learning new things because I'm looking for new techniques and designs to show them! I'm also getting some great cards designed for my own personal collection!

So keep checking back to see more! I may not update every day, but I will update for anyone out there that is reading!

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