Saturday, May 25, 2013

Small Gift

So a friend of mine down in the States moved into a new place and I decided to create my traditional housewarming gift!  It's my favorite because it's very meaningful!  I can't take full credit on the gift itself because I didn't put it together.  I had to send down a portion of it and I had another friend help me out by purchasing the items and putting them all together!  I couldn't exactly send alcohol across the border!  This is the final product!  I absolutely love it!!

She did an awesome job putting it all together didn't she!  I love the bow and ribbon!!

I love our flowers from the Artiste cartridge!!  Here is what the poem says:
Bread - so you will never go hungry
Wine - so your life is always sweet
Salt - so there is always spice in your life
Candle - so you always have light

I sent down some cards for them as well!  I had to say thank you some how to the lady who helped me put it together and when I remembered our stamp from Convention last year ... I knew it was perfect!  These ladies live in Dallas, or just outside of it!  Two of them I actually met when I was at Convention!  I work with these ladies so to speak!  Got to love companies that are global!

But yeah, I thought I would post what I'd created and sent down to friends!  It's been a while since I've posted anything on here and I apologize for that!  Life has gotten a bit crazy ... been working on some renovations and it's going to be a long summer of them ... LOL ... but I will try and take some time and create for me!  And with that I'll get to posting on here regularly again!  This was supposed to be a year of me doing challenges and I still plan on doing just that!  So stay tuned!!

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