Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Fathers Day

I really got started late on creating a card for my dad!  But never-the-less, I got one complete and will mail it off to him tomorrow!

My dad loves his motorcycle, so I thought this stamp set would be perfect!  My dad is a very simple guy, so I wanted the style of the card to fit him and this is what I liked!

I wanted to just showcase the bike on the card and make the inside sentimental!  So happy early Father's Day dad!  I hope you enjoy your day and you get a chance to take your bike out!!

Making this card really made me realize that it has been ages since I've done anything creative!  I've been working, sleeping and renovations ... LOL ... so I really need to find some time to just have some fun!  I'm tossing around a couple ideas for some layouts, so I'm going to work on putting together a layout workshop!  Hope you will stick around to check them out!

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