Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Roommate Gifts for Convention 2015

Yeah!  So here I am at the Disneyland Hotel in Anaheim California and I'm ready to show you what I created for my fantastic room mates!  I asked the girls what their favorite paper packs were and I was told Blossom and Brushed!  These are two that I fell in love with and was so excited to create with.

I started by making the mini albums, right down to the pages and binding.  I don't have pictures of that part but I really do enjoy creating that part because it sets the tone for the entire album.  You're able to choose just how many pages you want in it and how much space you want between the pages to add all the fun memento's and pictures.

This post is going to be very picture intense, so please be patient while they all load!

Here are the covers for two of the albums.  I wanted to keep them basic so that they could add some decorations themselves.  These pictures don't do them justice, but there is a strip of white shimmer trim.

Here I put a waterfall of photo mats and journal spots on the first page.  The second page has a pocket with a tag as well as a top pocket that has a mat to pull out.

Close up for the compliments.
There are nine spaces in which to put photos or journal on the waterfall.

The compliments are secured with foam tape, which allows for another space to place a mat in.

The next page is a repeat with a tag and the top pocket in which to add more photo mats.  The right page has a belly band to hold journal spots or photo mats.  There is also a side pocket here.

Close up of the tag
Photo mat from the belly band and the side pocket mat.

These guys are just so fun!

The next set of pages consist of another belly band and then two individual pockets.  These are such fun interactive pages in which you can add some photos or memento's to.

The back of the individual pocket pages gives more room to journal.  Another belly band on the right side page allows more space to include photos.

Love these compliments!
Now open up that page and here you will find two hidden pockets with a tag and a photo mat.

Flip the page and you have another space for a tag and then another fun pocket to hold more photos.

Surprise, there is a secret page here!

Next we have a small pocket on the left page and then a really fun interactive booklet on the back cover.  This one can hold a great many photos and has lots of space to journal.

Look at all the spaces you have to add photos.

 So that was the Blossom mini album, now to show you the one with the Brushed paper pack!  You will notice that the basic build to the album is exactly the same.  It just takes on a new look with a different pack of paper.  I really like how this one turned out as well!

See you can see the same waterfall section to add the photos and journal

A nice metallic pen will give your journal section really pop!

All the fun colours really make this album stand out.  The base being black really helps give it all a pop.  Here you can see where the tag sits behind the compliments to show where you can add something more.

Fun belly bands really make this album interactive, with photo mats as well as the compliments that are added to each of them.

Fun interactive butterflies!
Here you will find the two individual pockets.

More belly bands to keep things interactive.

What's hiding underneath this page?

Imagine all the fun photos you could add here on this hidden page!

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