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Join Close To My Heart as an Independent Consultant

Making the choice to join Close To My Heart was the best decision I've made!  Being a part of this fantastic family has been a wonderful experience and adventure!  I'd love for you to join my team, but like me, I'm sure you have a lot of questions.  It took me a few months to commit and I'm sure you will have the same thoughts that I had.  Below you can find some of the frequently asked questions about signing up with Close To My Heart.  I've seen a post just like this and I thought it would be great to duplicate it for my friends and family!  It is exactly what I was asking when I wanted to join and when I saw this post, I thought it was a fantastic idea!  So thank you Lisa Stenz for posting your post!
If you'd like to know why you should sign up to become a CTMH Consultant, hopefully this post will clarify some of your questions.

1. How much does the New Consultant Kit cost?
The regular price is $99 (plus tax and shipping).

2. What comes in the New Consultant Kit?
You get a ton of great products valued at almost $300 and the option to choose different Add-On kits that you can see by scrolling to the bottom of this page.

3. What’s the catch?
Other than getting a ton of wonderful products at a great deal and most likely getting addicted to them, there is no catch. You have the opportunity to build a business if you choose, but you don’t have to.

4. What if I don’t want to build a business and I just want to get the discount for myself on future orders?
That’s great! A majority of Consultants are Hobbyists or Personal Use Consultants and do not do parties or hold classes or workshops. You are welcome to simply enjoy the discount on your own orders.

5. What is the discount?
Active Consultants enjoy a discount of 22%-35% depending on their sales for the month in addition to earning up to $75 in FREE product credit each month. Senior Directors and above also earn an additional 5% - 15% of personal override commission ON TOP of the regular commission and free product credit! Your earning potential is unlimited!

6. What are the sales requirements?
The sales requirement is $300 retail (before your discount) to stay a full Consultant.

7. What if I don’t place $300 in a quarter or place any orders at all?
Once you sign up, you have a full quarter to make your sales minimum which means that if you sign up today, you have until the end of June to enjoy the full discount if you choose. Then if you do not have $300 in orders, you will drop to Junior Consultant status on July 1st. As a Junior Consultant your discount drops to 10% but you only need to have $100 in orders per quarter. If you do not have $100 in that quarter, you simply drop and are no longer a Consultant. But if you happen to have $300 as a Junior, you automatically jump back up to full status!

8. How long will I be a Consultant if I order the kit and then do nothing?
If you sign up today, you will be active until June 30th. Then you will drop to Junior on July 1st . Then as of October 1st, you will no longer be considered a Consultant. But our new catalog comes out in August (July for Consultants) and you may just be surprised at all of the great new products and will probably be VERY excited that you are a Consultant and are able to order the new products at a discount. So chances are you will not drop!

9. Do I need to give the Kit back if I drop?
Nope. Everything is yours to keep! No strings attached.

10. Are you required to maintain an inventory?
Nope. There are so many different products that CTMH actually suggests that you do not maintain an inventory. You can place an order for 1 item or 1000 items, so there is really no need to keep an inventory.

11. Does the company offer Hostess gifts?
If so, who pays for them? Yes! CTMH pays for the hostess rewards. And as a Consultant, you are welcome to be your own Hostess and earn more free goodies!

12. Does CTMH offer any training or events?
There are so many different training options available including an entire Online Training Academy where you can take free online creative, business, and personal development classes. You can even earn your CTMH Bachelors, Masters, and PhD degrees! There is an entire listening library of recorded conference calls, bulletin boards for artwork, business, templates, Studio J, Swaps, Mentoring, and more. They have pre-designed projects and workshops for us to use. There are annual events such as Leadershare and Convention. There is even an 800# that you can call if you have questions. And a ton more! You will never be without help.

13. How do you sign up?
You can sign up at my website here. It will only take you about 5 minutes. The hardest part will be choosing if you want any Add-On Collections with your kit! But not to fear. You can always choose them all at only $40 each.

14. How long will it take to receive my kit?
They have been shipping them out very quickly. Ultimately it will depend on where you live.

15. Can I contact you if I have questions after I sign up?
Of course. I am available to my team via phone, email, and Facebook. I am more than happy to help you get started building a business, or just encourage you if you would simply like to be a Personal Use Consultant.

Whatever your reason for signing up, there really is no risk! You have nothing to lose!

Feel free to contact me if you have any other questions. I’d be more than happy to chat with you.

What is in new Consultant Kit? The 2012 Spring/Summer New Consultant Kit is jam packed with great products from the new Idea Book.

For only $99, you’ll get almost $300 worth of goodies including:
  • Read Me First Letter
  • Spring/Summer 2012 Idea Books (qty. 10)
  • Autumn/Winter 2011 Idea Books (qty. 5, while supplies last)
  • "You Are Welcome Here" Recruiting Brochures (W1151, qty. 25)
  • "The Rewards Come Now" Hostess Brochures (W1150, qty. 25)
  • Studio J® Brochures (W111, qty. 5)
  • Hostess Order Forms (W122, qty. 25)
  • Customer Order Forms (W101, qty. 25)
  • Studio J® Customer Order Forms (W1102, qty. 25)
  • Studio J® Membership Cards (W1103, qty. 5)
  • Studio J® 5-Pack Cards (W1104, qty. 5)
  • Close To My Heart Color Swatches (W470)
  • Spring/Summer 2012 B&T Duos® Sampler (W1113, 48 – 6" Square Samples)
  • Cello Bags (W1152, qty. 25)
  • My Acrylix® Sweet Thanks Petite Perks™ Stamp Set (W2022, qty. 5)
  • My Acrylix® Wonderful You Incentive Stamp Set (W332)
  • Double Scrubber (Z1163)
  • My Acrylix® Spritz Cleaner (1778)
  • Bonding Memories® Glue (1512)
  • Sponge (Z697)
  • Liquid Glass (Z679)
  • Micro-Tip Scissors (Z534)
  • Dark Chocolate My Legacy® Faux Leather Album (Z1342)
  • My Creations® Collage Cubes (Z1737)
  • Workshops on the Go™ Stella Kit (G1032)
  • Stella Complements Canvas Shapes (X7147C)
  • Colonial White Die-Cut Cards (Z1738)
  • Clear Sparkles (Z1104)
  • Olive Exclusive Inks® Pad (Z2137)
  • Cocoa Exclusive Inks® Pad (Z2114)
  • Lagoon Exclusive Inks® Pad (Z2195)
  • My Acrylix® Urban Alphabet Stamp Set (D1507)
  • My Acrylix® Just for You Stamp Set (B1398)
  • 1" x 3 1/2" My Acrylix® Block (Y1002)
  • 3" x 3" My Acrylix® Block (Y1006)
  • Some items may not be shown. Contents are subject to change without notice.
You also have the option of purchasing up to three Add-On collections for only $40 each.

Floretine Add-On Collection includes:
  • Workshops on the Go™ Florentine Kit (G1038)
  • Pewter Badge Buttons (Z1704)
  • Timeless Charms (Z1689)
  • My Acrylix® Family Love Stamp Set (D1506)
  • My Acrylix® Enjoy! Stamp Set (C1496)
  • Goldrush Exclusive Inks® Pad (Z2123)
  • Bamboo Exclusive Inks® Pad (Z2103)
  • 2" x 2" My Acrylix® Block (Y1003)
  • 2" x 6 1/2" My Acrylix® Block (Y1010).
  • Some items may not be shown. Contents are subject to change without notice.

Pemberley Add-On Collection includes:
  • Workshops on the Go™ Pemberley Kit* (G1033)
  • Color-Ready Garden Wooden Shapes (Z1718)
  • Light Neutral Cardstock Shade Pack (X5913)
  • Mini-Medley Accents Pacifica Collection (Z1698)
  • My Acrylix® Love Clusters Stamp Set (C1484)
  • My Acrylix® Card Word Puzzle Stamp Set (C1494)
  • Indian Corn Blue Exclusive Inks® Pad (Z2130)
  • Desert Sand Exclusive Inks® Pad (Z2118)
  • 2" x 3 1/2 My Acrylix® Block (Y1009).
  • Some items may not be shown. Contents are subject to change without notice.
*Cricut® Art Philosophy cartridge required to complete workshop layouts and bonus project. (Cricut cartridge not included.)

Studio J Add-On Collection includes:
  • 3-month Studio J® Membership
  • 5 Studio J® Layouts (must redeem within first 3 months).
  • Some items may not be shown. Contents are subject to change without notice.

Are you ready to sign up? Click here for the online application.

Have questions? Click here to email me.

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