Friday, August 24, 2012

Card Making September 10th!!

Hey guys!  So I've got a couple cards made to show you what we will be making on September 10th.  We will be meeting at 7 - 9 PM, having a great time socializing and making some cards!  Remember, everything is there for you to put together some great cards!

You get to choose 3 cards for $5 or 6 cards for $10. You need to RSVP no later than September 3rd because I need to prep the cards for you as well as book room for us! That's right you heard that right! We will be meeting at a restaurant for socializing and card making!

I'll let you know where just as soon as I get the numbers back on who will be coming. I want to make sure that it is in the middle for everyone. And if you need a ride, let me know and I can pick you up on my way!

Ok, so now for the cards!  I've got two ready!

I really like this one!  The colours are awesome in person!
I can't wait for you all to make these!  I had a blast making them cause I love the colours!

So yeah, RSVP by September 3rd with a quantity and I'll keep you updated!

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