Thursday, April 5, 2012

Spring Cards - AP Cartridge

Well, I finally had a chance to actually create some things!  I've got a card workshop on Saturday and here are a couple of the cards we will be making!

I'm just learning with the Cricut, so we are starting off pretty simple ... but man what an effect it can have!  I love that you can cut out these images and then add the layer image to make it look 3D!

I love the flowers that you can make with the cartridge!  They really give such a great look to any project you make!

So yeah, here are a few of my creations!  I thought it was about time that I finally get some of my own work on this blog!  I've been cramming all the deals at you ... LOL ... but I cram those at me too, so don't worry!

I promise that I will get more of my own artwork up here as well.  I'm going to schedule some time for me to just create!  I've got to finish my wedding album!  I've got a 2 page layout that is just about done, so once I get that done I will post pictures!

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  1. Oh my! That is GORGEOUS, I love what you have done...the background is really stricking and those stamps FABULOUS!

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