Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Some Fun!

Ok, so today wasn't a great day ... LOL ... it started off really well at work and then the day just seemed to snowball getting busier and busier!  I felt exhausted and just wanted to sleep ... LOL ... but that didn't happen!  I had physio tonight and it consisted of me getting needled ... 8 along my spine!!  Crazy I tell you!  So we will definitely have to see sore I'm tomorrow!

Well that didn't stop me ... I pulled over my table full of craft supplies and got to work!  I've been looking at Sheryl Driver's card with the small stripes and I adapted it to me!  I pulled out the Artiste cartridge and put it to a test drive tonight ... LOL

I'll post a picture of the card tomorrow!  I don't have the best lighting for taking pictures at night ... LOL

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