Saturday, November 2, 2013

Creative Time

So I've got two craft fairs that I'm going to be taking part in this month.  The first is on the 21st and the second is on the 29th.  I've been working on different items to have at each of these craft fairs and I've set myself a tall order!

I just thought I would post what I've been working on so far.  I'm finally getting some creative time in and I'm having a blast!

These are the little snowmen that I made.  Each one has battery operated tea-lights that sit in the bottom two boxes!  I love these little guys!  They make really great table centerpieces at Christmas!

So I saw someone post some really cute angels and I had to give them a try!  Here are mine so far!  I'll post a new picture when I get the heads attached!

Here's a close up of them.  I really liked this idea of the angels!  I can't wait to get the heads on them so that I can see the finished product.

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