Monday, November 25, 2013

Knitting and Crocheting Fun!

So I've been having a blast knitting and crocheting these past couple weeks!  My niece had a little girl and that got me in to the mood to knit booties and a hat and then a blanket.  Because my great niece was born premature, I had to knit really tiny booties and a hat!

Here are the tiny booties!  The foot part of them are as big as my thumb!!  She was born at 2.2 lbs and is now 3.9 lbs after a month and a bit!

This is the hat and boots together.  I hope that they will fit!  I've also thought to make a bit bigger booties!  I didn't want her to outgrow these too quickly, so I made these next ones with some really fuzzy yarn!!

These ones were made with the same size of needles and the same pattern and stitches ... but what a difference the type of yarn makes!  These are ones she can grow in to and stay with her for a few months!  Or maybe a year!

So then I got to making a blanket for her!  Making blankets has always been my thing to do sort of.  I tried to make each of my nephews and my niece a blanket.  I'm a few behind but I will get them all done!  Christmas comes around every year right!

I absolutely love the stitching on this blanket!  Believe it or not, it is the most elaborate I've ever done!  I was so proud of it!!

Here is another shot of it!  I really wanted to put a different colour as the border, but I'm not that good yet!!

So all this led me to start making hats!  I decided that all the younger boys were getting character hats for Christmas!  I started with a really fun one!!  My one nephew loves Angry Birds, so I made him this awesome hat!

I'm still debating if I want to put ear flaps on it or not!!  I've put ear flaps on the next hat, a tiger, but I don't have it completed yet, so I can't show you that picture.

Here is another shot of this hat!

For my first attempt at a character hat I'm pretty impressed with myself!  So yeah, this is where I'm at right now for my knitting and crocheting!  There will be more to come!  The hats are pretty addicting!  Blankets are too!  So maybe, just maybe ... LOL

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  1. What a wonderful collection of projects.

    Hugs diane